by dotFIT experts

Answer: AminoBoostXXL is a better branched chain product, but many people want the ease of pills (such as the Recover & Build) rather than powders. Also a lot of people swear by their BCAA products and nothing can pull them away. The good news is that BCAAs work very well to reduce muscle damage, but after continuing research into the “perfect amino acid formula,” AminoBoostXXL wins out when it comes to building and signaling muscle synthesis (click here for “The Perfect Anabolic Storm” newsletter or read the chapter on “Other Amino Acids” which we recently authored for CRC (the academic press) for the book, Sports Nutrition, Fats and Proteins). We give all our NBA players the AminoBoostXXL over the Recover & Build product.

Muscle Defender is a glutamine product that is often used in stressed athletes to not only decrease muscle damage and increase recovery, but is also targeted to potentially enhance the immune system when highly taxed as during hard training and little recovery time (click here for more info