Below you will find short video tutorials to assist you with various aspects of using the dotFIT Program!

- The first section will be specific to the "Trainer" to get started and working with your clients:

Access the dotFIT Certification

Adding New Members

Managing Your Member's Program

Supplement Tracking Feature

Customize Member's Menus & Workouts

dotFIT Reports for Commissions

Sample Session #1

Preparing for Session 2

Sample Session #2

- The next section will review step by step on how to use the dotFIT Program:

How to Log into your Program

How to Build your Program

How to use The Summary Tab (Home-Base)

Syncing with 3rd Party Apps/Devices

Logging Food

Dietary Support

Log Activity/Workouts

Logging Measurements

The Learn Section

The dotFIT Store

Get Your Fitness/Nutrition Advice!


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