This year I joined the team at Vision Quest Sports and Fitness (Canyon Park) and discovered dotFIT products. I noticed a huge difference 
in my training and performance when I started using dotFIT over the other supplements I had been taking. Nutrition is incredibly important as a rugby player to avoid injury and continue to perform at a high level throughout a long season. This is one of the first seasons I've avoided injury and I believe this is largely due to the daily use of dotFIT's ActiveMV, JointFlexPlus, Super Omega-3, and Super Calcium. FirstString has given me a boost in my training days, more energy and better nutrition allows me to work harder and get better results. FirstString is also great pre-competition as an easily digested nutrient source. NO7Rage has been great for that extra kick on strength & conditioning days with MuscleDefender and AminoBoost XXL for recovery. 

dotFIT products have really helped me up my performance and take my training to another level, which in turn put me on the starting squad of Seattle-OPSB Rugby Club that won the 2013 USA 7's National Championships. 

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