You can take anything that does not contain ingredients that were extracted from fish. That information should be on the label i.e. "product contains no ingredients from fish/seafood". Ingredients in many multivitamin and mineral (MVM), joint support and of course omega-3 fatty acid supplements originate from natural sources such as fish organs or flesh. If you have been diagnosed with a fish allergy, your doctor or dietitian should design your diet and supplement program appropriately. But, at the end of the day, you should include a daily MVM (no ingredients from fish), and a vegetarian omega-3 supplement. Look for your vegetarian omega-3 supplement to contain 600 mg of omega -3s made up of 360 mg EPA & 240 mg DHA. If you are looking for the potential health benefits related to maintaining brain, heart, hearing and eye health, take 1 capsule daily.

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