If you don’t consume enough, and most people don’t, you need it. Calcium needs vary depending upon age and gender. Adult requirements range from 1000-1300 mg/day. Needs are highest during your peak growth years, post menopause for women and as we age. Calcium, vitamin D and magnesium help improve the growth and development of healthy bones and maintain bone density. Most people do not get enough calcium and vitamin D, which can lead to osteoporosis, falls, fractures and increased risk of certain cancers. Calcium is relatively easy to get in food sources such as dairy products and a variety of calcium-fortified foods. Unfortunately many adults have shied away from dairy because of believing they are lactose intolerant. Some vegetables, such as spinach, are also relatively rich in calcium. Organic acids and fiber, however, can interfere with calcium absorption, so plant sources are not generally considered the easiest way to boost calcium intake. If using the Sharecare food logging program, you can view your daily calcium intake using the Detailed View. If you’re not meeting your daily requirements, it is recommended that you increase food sources or take a quality supplement. Our SuperCalcium+ contains readily absorbed calcium carbonate with the necessary cofactors of vitamin D and magnesium. Click here for more info. http://dietarysupport.dotfit.com/Super_Calcium-pid-1004.html

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