Microlactin has become a common ingredient in products advertised for the relief of joint pain. Microlactin contains milk micronutrients extracted from hormone free milk. There is some evidence that it can lessen joint pain and potentially offer other health benefits associated with milk constituents. Because it’s a natural extraction from milk, as long as you are not allergic to dairy products there should be little possibility of risk when used properly. It purportedly works as an anti-inflammatory agent by reducing the buildup of excess inflammatory cells called “neutrophils” in joint cavities, which can cause injury and joint pain. There appears to be little harm in experimenting with Microlactin to see if it can help with joint pain. If you do not notice improvement after 2-4 weeks, it probably is not working. If so, you might want to switch to a product that works by a different but more common mechanism such as the popular Joint Flexibility Plus by dotFIT, which is used by most athletes to maintain joint health.

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