The same way everyone else does - by scheduling your meals so you eat fewer calories than you burn until you reach your goal. It doesn’t matter when you eat or move, the result is the same no matter what schedule you’re on. If you want to lose 10 pounds in 5 weeks, you need to consume an average of 1000 fewer calories than you burn daily. If or when you come to a plateau, you need to eat less, move more or a combination of the 2 until weight loss resumes and repeat the process as necessary. Those are the facts you can take to the bank.

Now, with that said, it can be more difficult to stick to an eating plan based on the fact that humans are not nocturnal, meaning our bodies evolved to rest at night, remain awake and work in daylight, which in turn has established our eating patterns and hunger cues. There is also strong evidence that the less you sleep, the greater chance of becoming overweight. This may be due to our hunger triggers being activated sooner and longer because we are awake longer. Also, you can’t eat while you’re asleep but it sure is easy when you’re awake. All these potential hurdles can be overcome if you are motivated to follow the menu or calorie recommendations in your dotFIT program. Basically, nothing would be any different other than eating and sleeping times. So, it boils down to retraining your body ("rewiring or resetting" your clock). In other words, to undo something that's innate you must make a conscious effort to retrain the body, in your case it's mainly sleeping times because the body doesn't care much when it eats or exercises - only you might. So space your meals evenly throughout your waking hours, sleep the best you can and remember, humans are amazing creatures that can adapt to virtually any conditions and succeed.

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