We are a premium brand because it works and we can prove it – we have to.

Others can’t because to compete on price, you have to compromise something important - like lowering effective dosages, using unproven ingredient forms and/or the manufacturing.

We don't compromise. It's called INTEGRITY.”

- Neal Spruce, Founder & CEO of dotFIT



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How can I compare a dotFIT product to another brand that my client asked me about?

Neal's answers to questions received from Trainers around the world 


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How using 2 meal replacements a day can speed weight loss by 2-3 times more than relying on diet alone

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dotFIT Supplements vs. what's sold at Costco and GNC

How do I respond to my client who thinks they can get all of their nutrients from food alone?

How do I improve my effectiveness at presenting supplement recommendations? 

What about Sweeteners, such as Aspartame, Splenda/Sucralose and High Fructose Corn Syrup? What's the deal - are they safe?

From a "mom's perspective", what makes dotFIT products unique?

What makes dotFIT powders unique, compared to mass market powders?

What is dotFIT's stance on GMOs?

How do I make Neal's NO7Rage & AminoBoostXXL Energy & Recovery Slushy?

What is the danger of 'Nutritional Triage', and how can you prevent it with a Multivitamin?

How are dotFIT products developed?

How do I overcome the common objections to supplement recommendations? 

Do 'fat burners' really work - and should I be taking them to lose weight?  

What is the the most effective way to present the value of a Multivitamin, especially during weight loss? 

Nutrition Programming, Coaching, and Plateaus

Do you have any tips on how to Present the dotFIT Program to my clients?

What are the "4 Pillars of Fitness", and why should I use them in my presentations? 

Can you show me an example of a "4 Pillar Presentation"?   

I heard that "prescription selling" is the best way to present our services.  How do other clubs use this effectively?   

What's the fastest way to access, create, and effectively manage my client's online program?   

What are the best ways to keep my client motivated? 

What are some quick-and-easy breakfast ideas for my clients? 

How can I help my client get past a plateau?

I need sample performance menus and handouts for my client athletes.  Can you help?   

What should I eat before and after my workout if I want to lose weight?  

Is the Paleo Diet right for my client?

What do you think of The Paleo Diet for weight loss?

How big of a calorie deficit can my client be in to avoid The Starvation Mode?

How to improve food logging compliance - and the hidden impact of sugarless gum  

Do you have any tips for helping my clients fill up on fewer calories? 

What are some common obstacles that could be sabotaging my client's progress? 

The hCG Diet Review  

How can I lose my belly fat?

How can I burn 1,000 calories per workout, just like the infomercials say I can?

Can you give me some tips & tricks to make Food Logging easier?

The Truth about sugar.  Does it really make you fat?