Why am I getting an error message of “Armband Not Found” when trying to upload my armband?

This is due to the drivers not being installed.  To resolve this issue, please follow these directions:

Begin by clicking on ‘Start’ and then ‘Programs’ or ‘All Programs’ and then right click on ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer’ and then click on ‘Manage’, then click on ‘Device Manager’ on the right side and then you will see all of the hardware on your computer on the left side. 

You want to look closely for either  a yellow exclamation point or a yellow question mark (there could be 2).  This means that there is a piece of hardware that is installed but does not have the driver installed for Windows to function with it correctly.  Right click on it and chose to ‘update driver software’ or whatever the message similar to that is.  Then choose the automatic method and wait for it to pull the driver down. 

If you have your Windows updates turned off and it says it cannot install the driver software, then you need to go to www.dotfit.com/software and download the driver package.  Unzip this folder onto your desktop so you have a folder called ‘Driver Package’ on the desktop (easier to find). 

Then, back in ‘Device Manager’, right click on the yellow exclamation point/question mark and choose to ‘update driver software’ again and choose to browse your computer for the software driver, then navigate through to find your desktop and then click on the ‘driver package’ folder and click ‘ok’ and then complete the process.  Do this same thing if there is a second yellow exclamation point/question mark. 

After you have done that successfully, you should be able to upload your armband data correctly when you log back into www.dotfit.com

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