I understand the ActiveMV is meant for those living an active lifestyle. But there's also the Over 50 MV and the Women's MV. 1. If I have a client who is a 60 yr old woman for example (and lives a very active lifestyle), which supplement should I recommend for her? 2. If I have a client who's over 50 but also active, should I recommend Over50MV or ActiveMV? 3. If I have a client who's a woman and active, should I recommend Women's MV or ActiveMV?


Great questions (this is why we built the answers into the software algorithms). Here's a quick answer:

  • Unless this 60 year old woman is a competitive athlete participating in extended daily training sessions, she would use the Over50 MV.
  • If she is highly competitive she should use the Active thru age 65.
  • At 65 the whole world uses the Over 50.

Below I spelled out our software algorithms for you from womb to tomb that will also answer all your questions below. 

  • For those trying to conceive or pregnant - Use a Prenatal Formula
  • After birth, children are either still breast feeding or drinking baby formula. If it’s the former then they’re getting their MVM from mom's prenatal in the breast milk since she takes that all the way through her lactating/breast feeding period. If not breast feeding, the MVM is in the baby formula as the milk-based formula will be fortified with vitamins and mineral and therefore it is the baby’s MVM until they get their teeth. At 2 yrs (providing they have acceptable teeth) they start using our chewable (Kid’s MV)
  • Age 2-4 everyone take 1 dotFIT Kid’s MVM
  • 4-11 everyone take 2 dotFIT Kid’s MVM (1 with AM meal and 1 with PM meal)
  • 12-17 everyone, take 1-dotFIT Active MV as directed
  • 18-50 all men and all competitive athletes (male and female), take 2 dotFIT Actives (1 with AM meal; 1-PM) as long as strenuously competitive up till age 65 (otherwise after 50 all go to 1- dotFIT Over50MV)
  • 18-50 Women, if not “very active: such as at the level of competitive sport (i.e. extended daily training periods) all women take 1-dotFIT Women’s MV
  • 51+ everyone, take 1 dotFIT Over 50 unless using Active till 65 as described above
  • 65+ everyone take 1 dotFIT Over 50 

These recommendation are the algorithms in our software so our trainers don’t have to think about it. They just answer the quick Q&A and the program recommends the proper MVM. Just thought I would spell it out for you since this description includes the infant recommendation, which is not in program.

Also here is a link to the Practitioner Dietary Supplement Reference Guide (PDSRG) section Multivitamin and Mineral Formulas & ActiveMV that contains the info in the chart on page 5.

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