Nutrition Coach Sets All-Time Record by Simply Focusing on Her Clients' Needs

Gina Quinn is a dotFIT Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer from Sweat Challenge in Athem, AZ

Gina set a new All-Time dotFIT Supplement Sales Record during the Fit Pro Rewards Program, by selling $11,558.49 in products in January 2013.  (She broke the previous record by $3,000!)

Instead, she works at a small town client-focused facility that specializes in creating individualized results-oriented nutrition programs combined with group training.  

Gina's success is a direct result of focusing 100% of her effort on what her clients need most, and incorporated what they need right into their Programs.  That takes the guesswork

So naturally, we asked Gina to share her story, and she was glad to do so.  


- The dotFIT Team

Enter Gina:
My success in sales of the dotFIT product line comes not from “selling” it but from matching it to a client’s needs.  

If a client comes to our gym to better their health and fitness, it only makes sense to give them every tool they need to get there.  I would be doing Sweat’s clients a great disservice by not stressing the importance of nutrition! 

Sweat has a unique 12 week program, The Sweat Challenge, that incorporates a clients fitness with nutritional support. The entire dotFIT line allows us to tailor the diet portion of our program to meet their specific nutrition needs based on their fitness goals.  For those in our weight loss challenge we require a specific diet program personally designed by our nutrition coaches which features LeanMR as the 3X a day meal replacement. For our toning clients we offer WheySmooth as the exclusive protein supplement to their nutrition program.  

As they progress through the Challenge we will recommend other supplements to help them boost their results. 

In addition, it's important to understand the distinction of the quality and effectiveness of the dotFIT line in comparison to other products. We have many supplementation lines who would love us to sell their product, but our commitment to our clients' good health is reflected in our choice of dotFIT as our preferred line of nutritional supplementation. As a matter of fact, we’ve made it a requirement for any client that wants to join our Challenge – Weight Loss or Toning!  

dotFIT does a great job of providing both online and live training. This gives us all at Sweat a depth of product knowledge to better understand how dotFIT works to provide the highest quality nutrition products to meet the needs of our clients. 

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