I am 40 years old and have struggled with my weight all my life. I was born with a genetic predisposition to obesity. More...
By Melissa Krause
on May 01, 2009
It wasn’t until I saw a picture of myself tailgating at a sporting event that I realized just how much I had let myself go. I looked 10 years older and uncomfortable in my own skin. More...
Starting weight: 335 lbs
Current weight: 235 lbs

I started my journey on January 2nd, 2012. On that day I entered a biggest loser contest at The Workout Company in Houma, LA. My mother is the general manager of that gym and they are stocked with all of dotFIT products. This was not the first time I've entered the contest, I have before and had some success, but I would always put that weight back on within a few months. Well the contest came around again in 2012 and I entered it. 

I weighed in at 335 pounds, and I was extremely discouraged and upset with myself for getting that big. I was able to lose about 40 pounds in 2 months and was certain that at the contest's conclusion I was going to put it back on. Then, almost immediately at the conclusion of the contest, an old roommate of mine called and said he was interested in joining a local gym (Snap Fitness in Thibodaux, LA). I was hesitant at first, but I did. I mainly started out doing the things that had worked for me in the past, and it was working but I wanted to start to maintain a lifestyle and not just work for an annual contest. So I forced myself to set running/cardio goals. I got up to 5 miles every other day, then I really started seeing results. I dropped down to 265, and I kind of hovered around there for a while, so I began to do some studying and got real interested in strength training and dotFIT supplements. I also started a 12-week program by Chris Gethin that allowed me to take off my additional 30 pounds to reach my goal of 235, a total of 100 pounds in 1 year. That's where I'm currently at and I still have 3 weeks left to that program. After I complete it I am starting a muscle building program and my new goal for this year is to be eligible for amateur bodybuilding competitions. I believe that with dotFIT's help I can reach this new goal and also inspire people to get their new year kick started the dotFIT way.

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