Lots of them, but whether any of them work or not is an ongoing debate, which is why we do not recommend anything other than a “clean diet,” exercise and, if it makes you feel good, some type of meditation. To be sure (and I am quite certain you’re not short on any advice from friends) there are formulas out there with which some people have had positive personal experiences. But that’s the key word, “personal.” How anything works, supplement or drug, once it enters a human’s body, depends on many factors including the physiological & psychological state of the recipient. In other words, just as caffeine affects people differently, so can other natural (caffeine is a natural substance extracted from different plant sources) or synthetic compounds and therefore what may work for one person may not for another. In the case of treating menopausal symptoms with a natural compound, there has been very little “standard consensus” on any one formula (such as aspirin works for most people in easing an headache and therefore can be recommended) that might work for a majority of sufferers. This makes “natural” formulas a sort of a trial and error personal issue.

Our advice, again, is follow a good eating program like one of the menus in the dotFIT program, take your dotFIT recommended multivitamin & mineral formula, SuperOmega-3 as needed, exercise in a manner that fits into your lifestyle, find a new (or resurrect an old) hobby that continually engages you – and maybe it’s simply working on “perfecting” your body i.e. studying and applying the process. Most importantly, stay busy and productive and we think all things will pass almost unnoticed.

 On a clinical note:

Scientific evidence is lacking in the efficacy of over-the-counter substances for relieving menopausal symptoms. Some of the common compounds that are purported to help alleviate symptoms of menopause are soy isoflavones, black cohosh and Vitamin E. Most of the scientific research is mixed. In other words, studies have shown both positive and negative outcomes. There are certain substances that are not recommended for postmenopausal symptoms. They are topical progesterone, Dong quai, evening primrose oil, ginseng, licorice, Chinese herb mixtures, or magnet therapy. In some cases, side effects can be severe.

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