There are many variables here but all things equal (health, current physiological state, etc.), diets containing 50-60% carbohydrates (CHO), 20-25% protein, 20-25% fat is what athletes must eat to perform. Non-athletes or exercisers who don't keep trying to push performance to the next level can get away with less CHO, but it will be very personal as to what combination of foods gives them the most energy. Our 8 menus provided in the dotFIT program are the best starting place along with ideal personalized supplementation. At least one of these healthy, but different style, food plans will hit your sweet spot where you feel energized while maintaining the calories that allow you to attain your overall fitness goals.

The program will automatically create your menus to the right calories based on your body composition goal. From there, choose the one that appeals to you and customize as desired within the referenced menu structure. Otherwise start with the Athletic Menu since that is designed to deliver the best long lasting energy for very active people. From there you can move your CHO intake up or down to test which gives you more energy throughout the day, but keep the calories the same as needed to maintain the goal. In other words, if you lower your CHO, you need to up your protein or fat to match the loss in calories from the CHO reduction. There are 8 menus in the dotFIT program (see below) that can all deliver your energy needs but you may find one more suitable than another. Also be sure that the supplement plan is followed in order to maximize energy production. Look for the Dietary Support box located on the right side of the Summary page to access your personalized supplement plan.

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