Current stats: 19.6; inches lost: 21.75; clothing sizes lost: 3
Products used:  dotFIT Me, exerspy w/digital display, Women's MV, dotBARs

As a busy mother with a desk job, I have spent years catering to others and neglecting myself.  When a friend asked me if I wanted to join a group of neighbors and try to lose weight, I made the decision to do something for myself.  With the help of dotFIT, the counseling from my dotFIT coach, and the support of my friends, my weight is moving in the right direction.   In only 12 weeks, I lost nearly 20 pounds and lost three pant sizes.

Although I am not yet at my goal weight, I feel that the dotFIT program is one that I can follow throughout my life. 

The program works better than anything I have ever used because with dotFIT I am able to cook meals for my entire family.  I can enter all the ingredients into the program and determine the calorie and serving size based on the ingredients.  I eat the same meals as my family and dotFIT helps me to ensure that I control my calorie intake.  I have learned to count everything I put in my mouth, even the creamer and sweetener in my coffee.  It is amazing how all the little calories consumed in a day add up.

In addition to logging the food, I have added the exerspy armband and display device.  It was eye-opening when I first looked at my calories burned and steps taken throughout a typical sit-at-my-desk day.  It made it evident why I had gained so much weight.  By using the experspy, I now make a conscious effort to reach my daily calorie burn and steps target.  I make sure to always eat less calories than I actually burn in a day.  The exerspy is fantastic!  At the end of the day, I download the data from the exerspy into my dotFIT account.  Then I can view the results of my activities and determine the factors that are contributing or hindering my weight loss efforts.  This is a tool that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose or maintain weight.  It is truly a motivational tool!

With the support of my dotFIT coach and friends, I am also exercising on a regular basis.  My favorite new activity is kickboxing.  We get up at 4:50 a.m. to make a 5:30 a.m. kickboxing class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Each morning I dread getting out of bed, but after I work out, I feel energized.  After working out, I never say, “I wish I had just stayed in bed.”  I am now building muscle, which helps to burn calories.  I cannot express in words how much better I feel now that I am working out regularly.  Both my stamina and energy have increased and I am a much happier person.

I can’t wait to reach my goal!  I have no doubt that by summer next year, I will not be embarrassed to put on a swimsuit and take my kids to the water park.  

Thank you, dotFIT!  You have changed my life!

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