I am a world ranked barefoot waterskier and commercial airline pilot. Both of these require proper weight management and nutrition.

Last year, after getting injured, I put on 16 lbs of unhealthy weight in just 16 weeks. When I went to my FAA medical screening the doctor informed me that my blood pressure was border line high. I started the dotFIT program and lost over 41 lbs! More importantly I was able to keep the weight off! I’ve tried every diet under the sun and the dotFIT program is the only program that worked for me. The main reason the dotFIT program works is because they don’t try to fit me into their program - they fit their program to me !  As my dotFIT coach, Tony Chemer, told me, “You can eat anything you want….just not as much as you want!”  

dotFIT has changed my life, I was able to reach a #6 World ranking in barefoot waterskiing this year, and I credit the dotFIT program to getting me there !

dotFIT products I use:  ActiveMV, dotFIT Bars, ThermoShock, and CreatineXXL


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