What does the dotFIT team think about the OTC weight-loss drug Alli?

What does the dotFIT team think about the OTC weight-loss drug Alli?

Answer:  Alli is an over-the-counter (OTC) FDA-approved weight loss drug. It is half the strength of the prescription drug Xenical (Orlistat). Alli works by blocking the action of enzymes that break down fat in the small intestines, preventing the absorption of some of the fat calories in a meal. For those who tend to overeat dietary fat, this sounds like the perfect solution for weight loss. However, there is a drawback to the drug.

When Alli is taken with a high fat meal, the undigested fat continues into the large intestines, a place where undigested fat does not often appear. Here it can cause gas, intestinal discomfort and oily stools. Additionally, since the large intestine has a difficult time controlling the movement of undigested fat, other side effects, such as increased frequency and urgency of bowel movements and unexpected leakage can occur. It is therefore recommended that users of the drug Alli eat a low-fat diet, which by itself has been shown to assist in weight loss.

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The dotFIT Fat Releaser weight loss product was designed to mimic the effects of Orlistat and more without the side effects.

FatReleaser contains the necessary compounds to support the health and proper functioning of the liver while supplying ingredients designed to decrease dietary fat absorption, support appetite and deliver the many potential benefits of green tea (EGCG). As the body gains fat weight so does the liver, leading to sluggish performance and oxidative stress. Both conditions can have a negative effect on the liver’s health and ability to burn fat. Read the FatReleaser product brief for more.

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