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Neal Spruce - Business Leader

Neal Spruce is a business leader, fitness specialist, author, licensed teacher, researcher, bodybuilding champion, personal fitness consultant and speaker.

Spruce is the former owner of The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and, with his team, built NASM into the undisputed leader in fitness & sports performance education and programs including establishing their research center at UNC and created Bachelors and Masters degree programs for fitness professionals. By bringing together the sport and fitness leaders, companies and schools, Spruce assembled a coalition to produce holistic evidence-based programs for all ages and goals by founding dotFIT, the research and development company behind the programming delivered by sports, fitness and health professionals. Today dotFIT is the industry’s largest provider of live and online sport and fitness solutions to schools, amateur and professional athletes, teams, fitness facilities and consumers.

Prior to creating dotFIT, Spruce created the first nutrition program for health clubs, called Nutritionalysis for Gold's Gym - that helped make GG the premiere fitness brand. He then founded Apex Fitness, a research and development company for fitness programming that eventually became part of Fitness Holdings World Wide, the parent company of 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc. While with Apex, Spruce and his team developed fitness programs used in over 1500 fitness facilities worldwide, serving over 500,000 new participants annually. Spruce also created the revolutionary bodybugg® calorie management system, which was the forerunner of today’s body activity monitoring devices. In 2005 the bodybugg® received the “Best of What’s New in Personal Health” award fromPopular Scienceand was featured on NBC’s hit television show,The Biggest Loser. Following the sale of 24 Hour Fitness, the coalition of fitness leaders formed the R&D company dotFIT to create the new generation evidence-based programming.

In 2016, Spruce and his investment partners founded The Sport & Fitness Professional Resource Center and then acquired Personal Trainer on the Net (PTN) and PTA Global (PTAG) with the goal of expanding access to evidenced based education, programs and applications to help rapidly evolve industry competencies. PTN and PTAG are current leaders in delivering customize education and business resources for health, sport and fitness professionals and respective business operating needs.

Spruce holds a health and fitness teaching credential from the State of California. He developed the nutrition curricula for the Apex Fitness Systems and NASM personal trainer certification programs. He regularly contributes chapters to academic publications through CRC Press on advanced sports nutrition.

A nationally recognized nutrition and fitness expert, Spruce delivers more than 100 lectures annually on sport and fitness topics. He has been a featured speaker on more than 300 radio and television talk shows and hosted his own television fitness show in San Francisco.

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