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Accessing the online Certification Course
Need to petition the dotFIT Certification for CEUs? - download and submit this document

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(This content is also available from the interactive online Course where you will find videos and more!)


Weight Control

Weight Control & Modern Society 

The Science of Weight Control 

21st Century Solutions

Nutrition - The Basics of Nutrition

Exercise - Integrated Training

Sales - 5 Steps to Better Selling

Coaching - Basic Coaching Skills

dotFIT Me Program Application - Download "Mastering the dotFIT Me Program Application"

dotFIT Supplement Education and Science

The dotFIT Supplement Reference Guide (SRG) is a complete, detailed, and peer review quality product reference.

- Download the SRG

The QRG provides all product information in a summary fashion; suggested use, unique features, contraindications, etc.  

- Download the QRG


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