Marketing & Education

The following section will provide materials that can be used within the club for marketing and education:

  • dotFIT Logos
  • 4 Pillar Posters
  • dotFIT Product One-Pagers
  • Why dotFIT Flyer 
  • dotFIT Goal Bundle Handouts
  • dotFIT Sample Opportunities
  • dotFIT Consumer Videos (for download)

dotFIT Logos

                                                dotFIT Horizontal Logo                                                                dotFIT Vertical Logo


                        Download Here: dotFIT_GrowStrong_H.jpg                              Download Here: dF_logo (1).jpg         

4 Pillar Posters  


Download Here: Pillar 1.pdf   Download Here: Pillar 2.pdf    Download Here: Pillar 3.pdf  Download Here: Pillar 4.pdf


Why dotFIT?


                                                                                  Download Here: WhydotFITFlyer

dotFIT Product One-Pagers

The following are dotFIT product One-Pagers that are perfect for a snap-shot of:

  •      Who the product is for
  •      What makes the product unique
  •      How you should take the product

The downloadable PDF includes all the dotFIT products with 1 product per page that look like below:


           All dotFIT Product Goals are covered!                                

dotFIT Goal Bundle Handouts:

The following are basic, easy to recommend product bundles for various goals:


Download Here: PlaySpan Bundle      Download Here: WeightLossBundle     Download Here: MuscleGainBundle    Download Here: PerformanceBundle

dotFIT Sample Opportunities:

It is highly recommended to periodically set up opportunities for your members/clients to sample various dotFIT products to expose them to the great benefits that they can provide!  All of the dotFIT powders easily mix with water and taste great by themselves!  If you would like to take it a step further with the different Protein powders (Whey Smooth, All Natural Whey and Best Plant Protein) or Meal Replacements (LeanMR, Pre/Post Workout and First String) and combine with milk and add your favorite fruits or other ingredients, feel free to do so!  Note the following tips for a successful dotFIT Sampling Opportunity:

  • Call to Action: If possible, create a one-time discount for the product that you are sampling (for example, today only- 20% discount on all AminoBoostXXL)
  • Have the proper people working the area: Make sure to have somebody that is familiar with the products working the area.  Stereo-typically, the "new" person works a supplement table and that person may not have the knowledge, the experience or the confidence in presenting the product(s) to your members.  Confidence is essential, if the fitness professional makes confident recommendations, the members can "feel" that and it makes all the difference in the world.  On that note, having the knowledge does not mean you must recite every reference to every member, there are many times that "less is more" (for example, there are times that AminoBoostXXL has been referred to as "Gatorade" for your muscles to keep it very simple).  Practice your 20 second presentation on why that product can help your member so everybody is on the same page.
  • Everybody gets to sample!  This means that everybody that you come into contact with gets to try.  For new fitness professionals, it may help to stand in front of your table (on the same side as your members) vs. behind the table.  Try handing everybody a sample instead of asking them if they would like to try.  Many times asking them if they would like to try makes it too simple for them to just say "no" where as when you hand them something, most people's natural reaction is to accept what you are handing them.  
  • Include the One-Page Handout for that product on your table to hand out to people for more information about the product.


The following are product videos that were created with the Member in mind (versus higher detail for a dotFIT Trainer) and can be downloaded (link below the video) to be played in your facility or posted on social media:

dotFIT Joint Flex Plus

dotFIT Protein Powders

dotFIT LeanMR

dotFIT AminoBoostXXL

dotFIT ActiveMV

dotFIT SuperCalcium

dotFIT Weight Loss Products (LeanPak 90)

dotFIT Creatine Monohydrate

dotFIT SuperOmega-3

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